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Building Work

Some examples of recent work undertaken

Scope of Work:


  • Asbestos survey.
  • Removal of asbestos.
  • Demolition of building.
  • Increase retaining wall.
  • Install new drainage, water and electric.
  • Concrete new resting pads for cabins.
  • Install new walkways.
  • Install new handrails.
  • Install new palisade fencing.
  • Procure and install new cabins and connect services.
  • Install data feed into new cabins.

Scope of Work:

  • Complete survey.
  • Disconnect electrical and water supply.
  • Demolish building and remove from site.
  • Make good area with concrete finish.
  • Install new palisade fencing and pedestrian gate.


Littlefields UK can deliver all aspects of landscaping and garden design using our dedicated team of experienced operatives and qualified outdoor space designers.

Garden Structures

Littlefields UK can design, develop, deliver and install all oak structures & products straight to you. 

Your plans are drawn by our design team and ensure the individual needs of you as our client. As a part of our service we take your idea from inception to the completed item. Among some of our most popular oak products we offer BBQ huts, Office space and Pergolas.


Littlefields UK offers a wide range of solutions for fencing including stock and domestic as well as land infrastructure solutions such as bridges, styles, gateway/drive entrances, retainment solutions, tree surgery.


Littlefields UK has recently undertaken the refurbishment of a property and delivered it to market, the property was in a poor state of repair but with our dedicated team managed to turn the project around in three months.

Scope of Work:

  • Clear house of all contents.
  • Demolish existing garage.
  • Rip up existing drivway and install new drainge.
  • Demolish existing outhouse and make good rear elevation to house.
  • Re roof 20% of house using existing slate and cap chimeny and repoint.
  • Renew lead flashing, facias and sofits.
  • Install new down pipes and gutters.
  • Install new double glazing throughout – with building control sign off.
  • Remove exsiting plaster to make way for new chemical injection damp course – with 10 year garentee.
  • Remove existing kitchen and bathroom.
  • Remove load bearing wall and replace with RSJ, fire proof and make good – with building control sign off.
  • Full rewire and fit new boiler– 18th edition sign off.
  • Install new gas – Gas Safe sign off.
  • Replaster whole house.
  • Install new Kitchen and Bathroom.
  • Install new downstairs toilet under stairs.
  • Redecorate full house.
  • Lay new flooring to whole house.
  • Relay drive way and renew fence line.
  • New EPC and full sign off by client with 100% assurance backed guarantee.

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